My New Baby (2016 MacBook Pro Review)

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Why a MacBook?

Last year, my brother spilled water all over my old laptop. I needed a new laptop but instead of just going and buying a new Windows laptop, I found this to be the perfect excuse to finally get a MacBook! I had wanted one since I was in high school! Windows had been my faithful choice for the majority of my life simply because it was way more affordable but after all these years, I was going after what I really wanted! I knew Apple was going to be releasing a new MacBook Pro soon since they hadn’t updated since 2011! After waiting an excruciatingly long time without a laptop (especially as a student that requires access to technology), it was finally mine!


I opted for the 13 inch space grey model with the touch-bar. I liked the metallic shade however I had wished they would’ve offered it in rose gold (to match my phone). The body is ridiculously thin and portable. I love the minimalism! Apples switch to a mirrored Apple logo instead of the backlit one makes the laptop appear much more futuristic! I chose to get the touch-bar even though it was quite a bit more expensive. The way I see it, one of the biggest differences between this laptop and their older model was the touch-bar. I waited so long for the newest MacBook, I wasn’t about to skimp out now!


What I love

The touch-bar! Its one of my favourite things to use. I use it to get to my favourite websites as soon as I open  safari or to put emojis into my iMessages or even just to make words bold or italic or red  or blue with the touch of a finger. The fingerprint scanner to log in is also wonderful for someone who is chronically misspelling things and forgetting passwords (me)! I’ve seen some complaints about the keys being too shallow however I  love the keyboard! The shallow keys were slightly awkward for maybe the first hour I used them but now I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I love that the laptop is extremely fast to get programs running. The pictures I take on my iPhone are all on my laptop so I don’t even need to connect them with a wire. With a ginormous trackpad and a beautiful display, whats not to love?

Touchbar When Typing in “Notes”
Touch-bar basic functionality
Touch-bar when on safari. Notice the two taps there so I can quickly switch between them

What I hate

The price. At over two-thousand dollars (CAD), this is an expensive machine! I was really lucky that my family gave me money for my birthday since they knew I was planning on getting this! Otherwise I truly and honestly don’t have any issues. I’ve seen people complain about the USB-C ports however I almost never actually use USB’s so for me, this didn’t make any difference.


I’m extremely happy with the MacBook Pro. Many of the issues I see other people complaining about don’t apply to me (well except the price), so I’m perfectly content with a laptop with no normal USB ports. As a student and a blogger, this laptop meets all my needs! I can’t wait till more apps begin utilizing the touch-bar! If you have any other questions, you can ask in the comment box below!😘


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