7 Things to do Before a New Semester

Sell your old textbooks (to make money for the new ones)

I’m the worlds biggest hoarder when it comes to…well just about anything, but textbooks gotta go! Unless you know for a FACT that you will read it again or use it for reference in the future, sell it! Especially since you’ll be needing cash for all the new textbooks for this semester

DON’T buy the textbooks (yet)

Don’t be one of those people who buys all their textbooks before the first day. Often, you will be switching in and out of classes in the first couple of weeks for various reasons. Another reason is that in a lot of classes, you don’t actually need the textbook, this is the case for many sciences classes. Wait till you’re certain about a class.

Read over the syllabus and write down important dates in your planner

You’ve probably heard this advice before but it’s so incredibly helpful that I had to include it in this list! It helps staying on top of assignments and major dates. Never miss a due date again!

Be familiar with where your classes are

This is aimed mainly toward new students however is applicable to anyone and everyone. Don’t be late on your first day because you couldn’t find your class!

Make sure you have all your supplies (pens, pencils, eraser, notebooks, etc)

This one is fairly self explanatory. At the very minimum you should have a notebook and a pen.

Fix your sleep schedule 

If you’re anything like me, you spent your winter break staying up late and waking up late. Unfortunately thats not going to fly during the school year. On a side note make sure you don’t schedule your classes so early that you’ll end up skipping most of them.

Go over your mistakes from last semester and think of ways you can avoid them this semester 

For me, this includes not keeping up with readings throughout the semester, not paying attention to due dates, and not talking to profs about my uncertainties
What were your mistakes from last semester and how do you plan on fixing them?

Go Forth and Slay thy Semester

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