How Beginner Bloggers Can Monetize Their Site

Hey, Welcome to my blog! You’re probably new here, well so am I! I don’t have a ton of people reading my blog, I’m a bit of a newbie to the whole thing, but I do monetize my blog and i’ll tell you how!


I know theres tons of ad-networks and I know you’ve heard of google Adsense, but sovrn is the one I use, heres why

  • Its so easy to use (and to get set up and approved)
  • I literally can’t use Adsense yet since I don’t have enough content
  • Get paid out as little as $25
  • it gives you the number of impressions for each ad (views)
  • it lets you compare your site to others within the category (such as fashion, or journalism)
  • The price floor can be ignored for traffic outside of the US

You can pick any ad-network you like, however you should use one right from the get-go. There are others that don’t have a minimum traffic requirement, find one you like and start. Even though this won’t generate much income in the beginning, its still worth it to start your site with it. If you later chose to monetize with an ad-network, it will take some time to go through and monetize all previous posts. This way, you’re ahead of the game and can include ads post-by-post!

PS. You can use more than one ad-network (at the same time) and just see what works for you! Just make sure you aren’t totally crowding your site with ads or you won’t get many readers and it’ll defeat the whole purpose.

PSS. If you would like a tutorial on how to use sovrn or how to get ads up on your blog, comment below and let me know!

Affiliate Links

Using affiliate links for products (such as amazon), will allow you to make a percentage of the money made when someone buys a product that you recommended. This, like ad-networks can be from more than one source. Theres no harm in checking if theres an affiliate program for things you use. If you love a product and want to write about it, let people know, you might be able to make some money from it! Try and keep your recommendations honest, if you wouldn’t use a product or service, don’t recommend it. It can really hurt your credibility as a blogger if you recommend a bunch of crap. Oh, and make sure you let your readers know that you are using affiliate links! Blog legally guys!

Other Ideas

Here are some ideas that I don’t personally use, however they may work for you!

I don’t quite yet have a “niche” that I’m focusing on, I’m just blogging whatever I want. If you know a lot about the subject of your blog, create an online course! People love to learn!

Create a members-only section of your blog for exclusive posts. This again, is for someone who has a wealth of information to share. You can include things like tutorial videos, personal feedback for certain things, and other extras.

Thats all I’ve got, if you have any other ideas, feel free to comment below to help the next person (and me) out!
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