Becca Lavender Highlighter Review

AKA “Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed- Prismatic Amethyst”


After hours of contemplating this gorgeous highlighter, I clicked “check-out”. I bought my very first BECCA highlighter! After my dissapointment with my IPSY highlighter (I go into details here), I knew I needed this

I was sold as soon as I saw the box! Even its packaging is stunning!

The packaging is this gorgeous chrome lavender box that reflects light beautifully!

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed- Prismatic Amethyst

Inside the box is this fairly small circular compact with the lavender exterior ring.

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed- Prismatic Amethyst

As you can tell, I’m a total sucker for pretty packaging but dont think thats all this is! The highlighter is creamy and easy to blend! It compliments my skin tone very well (light-medium with yellow undertones)! I honestly don’t think there is any skin tone that this wouldn’t compliment! The colour does not make your makeup look wild or too out-there as I was afraid of.

This is everything I wanted in a highlighter! Its bendable, pigmented, and will probably last me forever! Since it is such an ethereal colour and is so pigmented, a little goes a long way! While I was hesitant to order it, I’m glad I did, I’m in love!

Ps. Incase you were wondering, heres all the other things I got from this order!

  • Glamglow Deluxe Sample Set
  • Sephora collection Green Tea Mask
  • The pore-fessional sample
  • Origins Refreshing eye-cream sample
  • Atelier Cologne Sample

If you’d like a review of any of the other products mentioned, let me know in the comments below 😘


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