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The Face Shop is a new Korean beauty  store with lots to offer!  With masks selling for $2.00 (CAD) each, and a promo that gives me 5 free if I buy 10, I had to check it out! I went in ready to buy just some masks but I accidentally bought a peel to use with the mask and a blush that I can now justify!

The Masks

Hello affordability! Heres all the masks I got from The Face Shop! I believe these are three different lines of the same brand (Real Nature).

The Face Shop Sheet Masks


I havent yet used all of them, but “The Solution” hydrating mask makes my skin soft and moisturized without being oily! The mask is covered in a gel-like substance that is on the watery side, it doesn’t drip down my face! I also love that the masks aren’t huge! The eye, nose, and mouth holes are a perfect fit for me (I have a small face)!fullsizeoutput_af0fullsizeoutput_af2

The Peel

I use this peel before any face mask and it just rids my face of dead/dry/flaky skin so the facemark can do it job! My skin feels smooth as heck right after using this peel! Oh and it smells great!fullsizeoutput_afa

The Blush

I actually got this blush my accident (sort of). I had wanted the plum coloured one but the lid was actually on the wrong colour, so I ended up with a pink blush. Nevertheless, I still love it! I would advise against using the powder puff that it comes with because it picks up more product than it puts down (on your face). Using it with a regular blush brush works well! Its not too pigmented, looks natural and adds a light glow to your cheeks!


Bonus: Free Makeup Brush Set

I ended up spending just over $45 and had no idea that that would get me a free makeup brush set! This was a welcome surprise! While the packaging was beautiful, I have to admit that these brushes were really disappointing. fullsizeoutput_af5

They came in a travel-ready pouchfullsizeoutput_af6

With a foundation brush, a blush brush (???), an eyeshadow, and liner brush.fullsizeoutput_af7

They’re incredibly light (not in a good way), and while the foundation brush was fine, I was unimpressed with the other three. The liner brush was way too thick to use for eyeliner, so I tried to use it for my brows with my ABH dip brow. It didn’t work for that either, the brush is just way too thick and not bendy enough to use for fine lining. The eyeshadow brush was disappointing because its big enough to be a blending brush, but its not soft enough and the shape just does not work. Its flat at the top and  so I’m not really sure what I could use it for. And last, what I can only assume is a blush brush, is way too flat. The top is completely flat, it isn’t soft, it doesn’t blend anything well. fullsizeoutput_af8

You get what you pay for I guess. Since I didnt pay any money for these brushes, I can’t complain, I still got a decent foundation brush and maybe the liner brush would work for a smudged liner look!


Final Thoughts

I’ll definitely be back for more face masks and will go and grab the plum version of the same blush! If you have any questions or would like to see me review something else, please let me know! If you liked this post, share it with your friends!

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