Blogging: Done is Better Than Perfect

 Blogging is a LIE

Blogging is saturated with perfect people with perfect lives and perfect stories. It seems that every moment in their lives is picture perfect, or at least a perfect photo-op! It seemed that nothing I wrote was good enough to be published (even on my own damn blog!).  Writing a paragraph is hard when you convince yourself that your introduction wasn’t good enough, in fact, its hard to get anything done when you’re obsessed with perfection. I’ve decided that from today onward, I will write weekly blog posts about whatever I want (probably a lot of makeup and skincare obsessing) because this is MY blog and I’d like to actually enjoy writing. Heres some ways ill be “getting over” the need to be perfect that might help you too.

I’ll be reminding myself:

  • Done is better than perfect
  • Being inconsistent in your topic is okay because its your blog and you can do whatever you want
  • This is supposed to be fun
  • Who cares if no-one reads it?

And some practical tips for myself and anyone else:

  • Write out a full draft all in one go and edit later (instead of writing one sentence and then convincing myself its the worlds worst sentence)
  • Writing style is a personal preference, grammar, punctuation, and spelling are not.
  • Make sure you make one or more points clearly
  • Be consistent with your fonts/colours/brand/style
  • Hit that publish button
  • You won’t get better without practice
  • Criticism isn’t always a bad thing
  • Be honest, don’t rave about something if you really hate it.

Ultimately, I don’t want to see blogging as a chore. I’d like to enjoy it and be able to speak freely about whatever is on my mind. If you’re dealing the same perfection roadblock (whether its in blogging or anything else), I wish you the best of luck and hope my tips prove useful to you!


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