Why I Don’t Wear Makeup Every Day (And Neither Should You)

Makeup is truly amazing, it can turn me from a awkward pimply teenager to a fairy princess in half an hour! It makes me feel put together and pretty and a little more confident. But it isn’t ideal for the daily. I don’t wear makeup everyday for two reasons:

1. I need to look like me sometimes

As much as I love having big cat eyes and some strong cheekbones, that just isn’t me. Its hard to love your natural self when you always see the edited version of yourself. I never want to be one of those people who needs makeup even when they’re just going to Walmart. I need to see myself to love myself (and I do!).

2. My skin needs to breathe

 I know that you’re supposed to wash your face of makeup before bed since it clogs pores, but its true even if you aren’t going to sleep! Give your skin some time to breathe without hiding it and layering chemicals on top of it. My mom claims to have lived her whole life without a single pimple (even as a teenager). While I don’t believe it, she does have great skin and what products does she use? None! She washes her face with dove soap and occasionally uses lotion but is completely cosmetic free! Her skin is bright and hydrated, and while I can’t give up my makeup addiction, I can maybe curb it some days.Makeup has so so much power to turn us into whatever princess/fairy/goddess we want, but I think wearing it everyday does more harm than good. If you are someone who wears makeup every day, consider slowly cutting back. This could be something as little as switching from foundation to bb cream!

Good luck!

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