DIY Eid Goodie Bag Ideas

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Today I’d like to share how I made these little gift bags for all my friends celebrating Eid this year. Here’s what I did to make mine

1. Decorate the bag

Unfortunately, gift bags with the terms “Eid Mubarak” aren’t exactly prevalent yet but that’s okay! Using a gold marker and your finest handwriting, you can customize these bags to say whatever you want, however, you want! For Eid, you may elect to draw on a moon and some stars. I kept mine simple with Eid Mubarak in gold and some little stars surrounding it in silver. I also included the recipient’s name on each since I had one altered one (for my brother)

2. Fill (and maybe even decorate) the cup

I found a whole bunch of these little cups at value village for $2! You can decorate them by dipping them in glitter (I haven’t done this but HERE is a tutorial). You can fill these with whatever small items you’d like. I opted for some candy and a sample sized lipstick. Lipstick seems like an expensive investment in your friends (no matter how much you love them) but don’t fret! You can get sample sized lipstick in packs at Sephora like THIS or maybe THIS depending on your taste. I opted for lipstick but for you makeup lovers, there’s lots of other Sephora favorites that include sample sizes of your favorite things that can be used as well. A quick search for “Sephora favorites” on will give you lots of options! Whatever you chose to give your friends, make sure to fill up the cup, this could even be with just candy for the little ones.

3. Hide the goodies

Use your decorative tissue to keep everything under wraps and you’re all done! The best way to do this is to lay the tissue paper flat, put your cup in the middle and fold the tissue upwards from the base of the cup. Voila!

Alternative Ideas

(some of these may require a larger bag)

-pencil crayons/markers

-black scratch pad (the ones that have colors under the black)


-Pocket sketchbook

-perfume/cologne samples

-pocket notebook


-a ring (I got this one for my mom)

-a cool matchbox

-a water bottle

-travel sized makeup palette

-a plant

-small toys for kiddies

You can customize your goodie bags with whatever you like, you know your friends best! Let me know what you put in yours or what you would like to receive in the comments below!

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