Why I Quit Bullet Journaling (and how I still stay organized!)

If you’ve read my blog before, you know I have a post that’s all about how to set up your bullet journal. I’ve tried to keep up with it but honestly, it didn’t work for me so I quit bullet journaling! I hated having to spend so much time creating these pages and layouts only to have to do it all over again next week. I love being creative and making lists as much as the next person, but the point of having a bullet journal was to become more efficient by staying organized. Clearly bullet journaling (to me at least), defeated the purpose. I eventually fell off the wagon because I hated feeling like I was wasting my time. I wanted something that allowed me to be creative if I wanted to, but didn’t require it of me to keep up with my to-do list. I found the perfect solution, this moleskine journal allows me to have a structured calendar to keep up with all my tasks, while allowing me the freedom to create lists and doodles and habit trackers. I can do whatever I want in the abundance of space given! Here’s some of the benefits I found using mine!

Its small and easy to carry around

I know this may not be particularly small, but in comparison to my old one, it sure is! And the fact that it isn’t a soft cover makes it super easy to fit into the tight spaces of my already cramped bag! Speaking of soft cover, moleskine’s cover is also very durable! I have abused this planner (if you can’t already tell), and honestly, its still holding up really really well! The edges havent even frayed!

It already has your day to day agenda laid out!

No more having to create weekly spreads! Hallelujah! As you may have guessed from my ranting above, I couldn’t live without this! Along with that however, is the year at a glance, and monthly spreads just as you’d find in any bullet journal (but with none of the added effort!)

It leaves a whole lined page empty for each week!

This is the freedom I was talking about! I filled mine with stickers, ticket stubs, receipts from memorable events, and on the last few pages, a ginormous list of all the places I’d like to see one day!

It includes a TON of resources

At the beginning of your moleskine, theres pages on international holidays for the duration of your calendar, a map of the world with time zones, measures and conversions (of standard units and clothing sizes) and more! Many of these are geared toward people who travel or do business internationally so it may not be useful for everyone, however I’m glad I’ll have all of this information on my backpacking trip (stay tuned for posts about my travels 😉 ).

After putting stickers all over mine

Since I quit bullet journaling, staying organized no longer feels like a hassle and this moleskine planner is to thank for it!

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