Why you shouldn’t start a blog in “5 minutes or less!”

Is this you?

So heres the scenario: You’re scrolling through Pinterest or maybe its Facebook and you see a bright and shiny post all about blogging. Maybe it’s a bloggers income report or a tutorial and at the bottom it even provides you with their link for a discounted rate on web hosting to get you started! It all seems so promising and you click the link and start imagining your money piling up

It’s not that simple

I know most bloggers will even tell you its hard work and that it may be months or even years before you start making any money, but all these 6-figure bloggers have you dreaming and you think you’ll put in the work and “make it happen”!

Are you sure you want to start a blog?

It means committing to a schedule. I know blogging may seem like you’re your own boss and you decide your hours and that may be true but there is some conditions. You need to offer great content consistently. This may mean scheduling because your readers come to expect consistency and if they don’t get that from you, they may find it elsewhere. It means hard work. If you don’t want to hire someone to make your website or edit your photos, learn how to do these things for yourself. You may need to work on your writing skills or figure out what you’re really passionate about. Work on those things first.

You’re still sure?

If after everything I’ve said you still think you have the discipline, time management skills, and creativity to be a blogger I still urge you to take more than 5 minutes in doing it. Before buying a domain name or any hosting I urge you to chose your niche and write a few blog posts about it. Come up with a content calendar for a week. Optimize your posts. Create or find your blog theme/design. Do this for a week and consider if you’d be able to do this consistently. If not, this doesn’t mean you can’t start a blog of course, and I’m nor guaranteeing that you won’t make any money, but it is unlikely. If you are trying to start a blog in order to earn some income, please take more than 5 minutes to think about it and then once you’re sure start a blog in “5 minutes or less!”.

If you feel that anything I’ve said has resonated with you I’d love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments below!

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Why you shouldn’t start a blog in “5 minutes or less”


  1. Amanda | The Glorious Grape says:

    This is some really sound advice, especially when you say to play the part for the week to see if you can really keep up with the commitment.

    I agree that many bloggers are selling a false image of blogging as easy and glamorous, simply because they make affiliate income off of it.

    • Naima says:

      Thankyou so much! Yeah I’m really hoping I stop at least one person from falling into the trap of spending money on a blog only to not end up keeping up with it 🙂

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