Who is Naima

Hi I’m Naima! I’m an incredibly short 21 year old Canadian PoliSci student with a love for trying new things . My current hobbies include long boarding, reading, eating (lots and lots of eating!). I started this blog as a way to document my adventures in trying new things! This year, I plan on

Me attempting to pose for a cute picture

-learning to snowboard (how hard could it be?)

-learning to swim (I know, I’m embarrassed too)

-Acing my classes

-Mastering makeup

-Creating something of a look book for cute outfits (that I could actually wear)

-Learning to take amazing photographs

-Exploring my city

And blogging all about it!

So I guess I’m really just a girl with something of a bucket list and a blog to keep track of it all! Comment bellow and tell me about you! Whats on your bucket list?